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Title Summary
Pym Slap Casual team by vash989
Drone's Vulture Ambush Tournament team by Cab
Is Gambit good now? Tournament team by Pickle-Shoe marvin
dragon 1.0 Tournament team by samuraizr0
Punisher Friends Tournament team by mcfera
Flying Sidekicks Tournament team by greyhector
Magic Machine Gun Tournament team by greyhector
Mono Masks Theme team by zacgree
Beginner beginner with few packs
Spider-Allies A Team Based around ASM's amazing sidekicks.
Villainous Control Working towards a deck that leaves an opponent frustrated and unable to do anything. Any and all help is appreciated
The X-Men X-Men only Control deck
Blaster Blast your foes to win
Villainous Defense Villain-centric; Defense heavy
Justice League of America
The Bat-Family
World's Finest Batman & Superman w/ Secret Identities
The Sinestro Six Divided By Two-Face Unblockable Sinestro and Yellow Lantern Batman w/ Two-Face
Soak and Poke Resistance, redirect and wait
Shocking Combo Energy, Manticore and Globals to win

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