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Title Summary
Many Whelps Lots of sidekicks
Retaliate Retaliation kill
SLC Regional SemiFinals 2015 SLC Regional SemiFinals 2015 - Nathan Magro
Wolverine Unstopable Masks, Wolverine W10 and Relenteless
SLC Regional - My Deck The deck I played at SLC Regionals
SLC Regional Winner 2015 SLC Regional Winner 2015 - Christopher Lanese
SLC Regional Finals 2015 SLC Regional Finals 2015 - Logan Hess
SLC Regional Semi Finals 2015 SLC Regional SemiFinals 2015 - Scott Evans
SLC Regional Quarter Finals 2015 SLC Regional Quarter Finals 2015
LightRing Lantern Ring + Bolts
Dragon Ring Old Dragon deck with Lantern Ring grafted in
Vile Villains
Villians Let the bad guys do the hard work!
Corey Laude Request Deck This is in response to a deck request on facebook
Control much A deck to shut down everything your opponent tries to do
Colossus Beat down Swarming Colossus
Sidekicks by JulieLeslie Don't neglect the little guys
Chasko Tourney Winner Four Horsemen Tournament win - 8/2015
Justice League Retaliation A deck found on Facebook Dice Masters Discussion by Travis Robinett
Villain's Control Villain Deck

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