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PDC Utah - Cody B Played by Cody B on 12/12/2015
PDC Utah - Tyler P 6th Place Finish - Played by Tyler P on 12/12/2015
PDC Utah - Jared Q 8th Place Finish - Played by Jared Q on 12/12/2015
PDC Utah - Diego C 3rd Place Finish - Played by Diego C on 12/12/2015
PDC Utah - Kevin T 4th Place Finish - Played by Kevin T on 12/12/2015
PDC Utah - Zack G 1rst Place Finish - Played by Zack G on 12/12/2015
PDC Utah - Steven E 7th Place Finish - Played by Steven E on 12/12/2015
PDC Utah - Ben J 5th Place Finish - Played by Ben J on 12/12/2015
PDC Utah - Kenneth A 2nd place finish - Played by Kenneth A on 12/12/2015
Gobby Parallax by mapacheneitor This is for a redit thread (https://www.reddit.com/r/dicemasters/comments/3w8q8e/gobby_parallax_team/)
An Action Deck When you wish upon a Phoenix
Bolts Bolts Bolts All the bolt things
Spider Swarm Over-run with cheap spider-man cards
Villains from the Outside Get Villians with Outsider
team 1
I work alone kid! So wanna throw sidekicks at me, that's fine. Wait! I just exploded your army at hurt you?! Sucks.
Flying Allykicks A flying sidekicks deck with Spiderman allys
REBD OTK Build up sidekicks then attack with Red-Eyes B. Dragon- Inferno Fire Blast
Many Whelps Lots of sidekicks

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