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Title Summary
A Gambit Cardship Team Use gambit to shoot your opponent
cloudy sidekicks buffed sidekicks and cloudkill
A Shield Team A team made up of shield characters
Villains Forced Attack Make your opponents attack into your villains
Villain Control A villain team with a control theme
Red Hulk's Team KO opposing sidekicks and shoot your opponent with red hulk
Heroic Captain A team made up of characters using the heroic ability
Task Masters Keyword Team Buy taskmaster and gain all the keyword abilities
X-Men Team A x-men themed team
Preparation Villains A villain team that revolves around using your prep area
Leveling Team A team made up of characters that revolve around leveling
Spider-Man's Avenger Team Ramp to get spider-man then attack and use ability
Hulk Avengers Buy hulk to clear the field then attack with avengers
The Fantastic 4 Team A fantastic 4 themed team
Iron Man War Machine Team Buy iron man field nick fury use shield helicarrier on war machine
The New Warrior's A new warrior theme team
Odin And Thor A team based around using odin and thor
Avengers Assemble Feld multiple characters then attack with unblockable nick fury
Doctor Strange's Action Team Use actions to burn your opponent with doctor strange
The Thunderbolts A team made up of thunderbolt affiliated characters

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