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Title Summary
2017 World Championship - Anthony Delre Semi-Finalist
2017 World Championship - Michaela Kuba Semi-Finalist
2017 World Championship - Andrew Krouse 2nd Place Finish
2017 World Championship - Victor Maya 1st Place Finish
Annoying Little Cup Mess with 'em
Flip away flip
Young Justice Titans A team based on the Teen Titans / Young Justice TV shows
Batfam01 Hush combos
Newbie Deck AvX
Renet Betrayal Use Renet Tilley to keep using Betrayal against your opponent.
Regionals Rough Draft Guy Gardner
PDC Draft Championships June 2017
Axis of Ultimate Evil Demons & Fiends
2017 US Nationals - Stuart Shulman 2nd Place
2017 US Nationals - Jared Wood 1st Place
fast damage use your defense as damage with war machine and hypervelocity
cloudy sidekicks buffed sidekicks and cloudkill
Spider-Man's Avenger Team Ramp to get spider-man then attack and use ability
Hulk Avengers Buy hulk to clear the field then attack with avengers
Iron Man War Machine Team Buy iron man field nick fury use shield helicarrier on war machine

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