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Title Summary
2017 US Nationals - Stuart Shulman 2nd Place
2017 US Nationals - Jared Wood 1st Place
fast damage use your defense as damage with war machine and hypervelocity
Unblockable Team A team made up of unblockable characters
A Gambit Cardship Team Use gambit to shoot your opponent
cloudy sidekicks buffed sidekicks and cloudkill
A Shield Team A team made up of shield characters
Villains Forced Attack Make your opponents attack into your villains
Villain Control A villain team with a control theme
Red Hulk's Team KO opposing sidekicks and shoot your opponent with red hulk
Heroic Captain A team made up of characters using the heroic ability
Task Masters Keyword Team Buy taskmaster and gain all the keyword abilities
X-Men Team A x-men themed team
Preparation Villains A villain team that revolves around using your prep area
Leveling Team A team made up of characters that revolve around leveling
Spider-Man's Avenger Team Ramp to get spider-man then attack and use ability
Hulk Avengers Buy hulk to clear the field then attack with avengers
The Fantastic 4 Team A fantastic 4 themed team
Iron Man War Machine Team Buy iron man field nick fury use shield helicarrier on war machine
The New Warrior's A new warrior theme team

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