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Title Summary
Odin And Thor A team based around using odin and thor
Avengers Assemble Feld multiple characters then attack with unblockable nick fury
Doctor Strange's Action Team Use actions to burn your opponent with doctor strange
The Defenders A team using the defenders team pack
Fist Team A team of fist characters
Mono Mask Control Mask team with a control theme
Ultron's Team Capture characters and deal direct damage with ultron
Jocasta's Conquest This deck is based around damaging Jocasta to kill your opponent
Bolt Damage A lightning bolt team
Phoenix Force Team Ramp to get phoenix force characters then use them to win
Sidekick Pump Fun Field sidekicks and characters to pump then attack with falcon + sidekick army
B1337DS Batman Burn
End of days Kryptonite + Ultraman + End of Days = Win
flip deck Swing away Merrill
Husband Deck: Ultron/Drone + Thanos This deck was created by me to play against my wife. It uses Ultron with Ultron drone for capture damage plus has a Thanos if my health drops too low.
Titan Mask Teen Titan Mask Team
UK Nationals - Charlotte S Top 8 Finish on 5/7/2017
UK Nationals - Phillip B Top 8 Finish on 5/7/2017
UK Nationals - Gareth T Top 8 Finish on 5/7/2017
UK Nationals - Chris P Top 8 Finish on 5/7/2017

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