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Title Summary
Battering Ram Maximum Efficiency
Avengers Assembled Romanova
Justice League Ret Retaliation
otra version de bard solo es otra version de bard
White Lantern Some White Lantern Action
Negasonic Ultimate Take advantage of Negasonic Underdog Ability
Mask Ring Man Mask Team With Lantern Ring
X-23 me please Work In Progress
Rip's Oracle I made this.
The Age Apocalypse The four horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Avenger Drone AoU team for 2v2
Im so evil A Black Manta / Talisman Team
Bad Bard Another Boring Bard Guy team
New Deadpool
Hitman Field zone control
VS FU Good Ole Vicious Struggle FU!
Double Avenger Trouble Control the board until you can win! Cap + Hulk + Patch = Win!
Avengers! New Avengers based deck that I am trying out.
Silver spidey Need help tweaking this one
koburn 1 2 3 burn

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