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PDC Epic Puzzle, UT - Russ L 3rd Place Finish on 5/12/2017
PDC Epic Puzzle, UT - Alex L 2nd Place Finish on 5/12/2017
PDC Epic Puzzle, UT - Jared Q 1rst Place Finish on 5/12/2017
Inhumanpool Control oponents board swing for lethal
Colossus Control Spin up and defend. Win with Colossus.
Modern Ultraman Kryptonite Combo SR Ultraman combos End of Days with Scarecrow and Front Line for a combo finisher.
Flying Sidekick Counter-Attack (Modern) Build a wall with Ally's, while countering most meta aggro teams.
Modern Age Superheroes Aggro Aggro with only modern age dc and marvel cards... please tell me any suggestions that you have for improvements.
Competitive in Modern I hope to make a competitive team to play in modern, I accept suggestions
Firestorm assault
Stealthy Sidekicks Gobby love w/o much targeting
Villians modern villians deck for new modern league
Bring on the Thunder! An all bolt direct damage deck.
Regular JL Retaliation
Superheroic Heroic characters from Uncanny X-men
Apologies in Advance Variant AiA variant with D&D characters
Mask Ring 2.0 2nd in Valencia Winter Regional WKO (Spain)
Bard & Hulk 1rd in Valencia Winter Regional WKO (Spain)
Beholder Variant Beholder + x23
KingIronwolf Bard Variant Took 3rd in San Diego Winter Regional WKO on 2/5 with this team.

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