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Title Summary
Bring on the Thunder! An all bolt direct damage deck.
Regular JL Retaliation
Superheroic Heroic characters from Uncanny X-men
Apologies in Advance Variant AiA variant with D&D characters
Mask Ring 2.0 2nd in Valencia Winter Regional WKO (Spain)
Bard & Hulk 1rd in Valencia Winter Regional WKO (Spain)
Beholder Variant Beholder + x23
KingIronwolf Bard Variant Took 3rd in San Diego Winter Regional WKO on 2/5 with this team.
first deadpool&fantasy
Avengers Bomb Marvel Only, Avengers/Spidey Bomb
Wubba lubba dub dub You can do magic
Waiting for opponent death
X23 and friends Hola que ashe
Balanced Maximum Efficiency Powered Up
Battering Ram Maximum Efficiency
Avengers Assembled Romanova
Justice League Ret Retaliation
otra version de bard solo es otra version de bard
White Lantern Some White Lantern Action
Negasonic Ultimate Take advantage of Negasonic Underdog Ability

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