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D&D Starter pack stuff
GATF-only Firestorm OC Attempting a useable deck from GATF only cards in my collection. No SRs on principle.
Wolverine Attack Rush
Sidekick Deck Sidekick Deck i use often
Nooby Making tests
Avengers Patch Tournament team by Jaime
Unlikely Alliance Casual team by LordVargonius
Odinson Tournament team by Scenttii
Machine Gun Tournament team by bartrabelo
Tiny Cup - Ultron Drone Crush Team Theme team by WarGFN
Low Cost Squad 2 cost attack squad
Shocking hulk Static shock + magic missle with Hulk Green goliath = GG
Sidekick - Uncanny Golpe de Sidekick con cartas de Uncanny
SUPER RARE ARROW FLASH a deck i saw someone make kind of seems fun.
MASK Mask ring team
Oracle's Girls All DC women's team. Also, this is a Little Cup format team—all commons and starters.
Justice League Overcrush Justice league only deck with overcrush bacs
Ping Of The Beholder This is a build which is a modification of the classic Torchalax.
Cheap Fist Overcrush Low cost fist deck all about attack pressure and Overcrush to overwhelm
Suicide Squad Mixing up characters from the movie as well as the comics.

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