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Title Summary
First Deck- Villians Basically just a quick energy energy build that let's you get out some really nasty big villians
D&D Starter pack stuff
GATF-only Firestorm OC Attempting a useable deck from GATF only cards in my collection. No SRs on principle.
Wolverine Attack Rush
Sidekick Deck Sidekick Deck i use often
Nooby Making tests
Avengers Patch Tournament team by Jaime
Unlikely Alliance Casual team by LordVargonius
Odinson Tournament team by Scenttii
Machine Gun Tournament team by bartrabelo
Tiny Cup - Ultron Drone Crush Team Theme team by WarGFN
Low Cost Squad 2 cost attack squad
Shocking hulk Static shock + magic missle with Hulk Green goliath = GG
Sidekick - Uncanny Golpe de Sidekick con cartas de Uncanny
SUPER RARE ARROW FLASH a deck i saw someone make kind of seems fun.
MASK Mask ring team
Oracle's Girls All DC women's team. Also, this is a Little Cup format team—all commons and starters.
Justice League Overcrush Justice league only deck with overcrush bacs
Ping Of The Beholder This is a build which is a modification of the classic Torchalax.
Cheap Fist Overcrush Low cost fist deck all about attack pressure and Overcrush to overwhelm

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