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Title Summary
Villainous Defense Villain-centric; Defense heavy
Justice League of America
The Bat-Family
World's Finest Batman & Superman w/ Secret Identities
The Sinestro Six Divided By Two-Face Unblockable Sinestro and Yellow Lantern Batman w/ Two-Face
Soak and Poke Resistance, redirect and wait
Shocking Combo Energy, Manticore and Globals to win
Fiends The Power of evil, The fiends.
Spider-man & His Amazing Hot Girlfriends
Golem Flood
Tournament ready... Beat me! 😎👻
Kelly Davies Mask Ring Team he used to win Austin WKO 2
Batman Casual Experimenting a Batman Team
Speed Avengers Speedy
Ramp Fast Ramp In To Thanos
Unlimited Construct team Raincity Jenna's team she used at the Tacoma WKO (Please correct me if I got the location wrong).
Teen Titans Go! 50/50 deck for next wednesday
Because we're Batman A bat-family deck
2016 World Finals - Alec Shrake aka Junior 2016 World Championship Decks
2016 World Finals - Claud Newcomb 2016 World Championship Decks

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