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What is Dicemasters Decks?
The goal of this website is to be the "net deck" hub of Dice Masters. A place where you can see and search for decks, analyze by leaving public comments and critiques, and build your own decks to share with others who are passionate about the game.
How do I earn entries into the 100 member giveaway?
Starting on Friday Feb 12th until Friday Feb 19th we will start recording site activity. When you create and publish a deck during that time, it will earn you 5 entries into the drawing (only once). For every constructive review that you leave on a deck (meaning both a star rating and text that resembles comprehendable sentances) you will earn 1 entry into the drawing. The winner will be notified by email and required to give a mailing address.
What is Dice Masters?
A collectable card and dice game made by Wizkids LLC. Learn more at wizkids.com.
What is a "Deck"?
A Deck (or sometimes called a team) is the collection of cards you bring with you to a game of Dice Masters. They represent different characters and abilities in the game that you use while playing. There are also a certian number of dice that you can bring in association with the cards that you choose. A typical game consists of 2 Basic Action cards (with 3 dice on each) and 8 other cards (with a total of 20 dice among them).
What are the ABCs of Dicemasters Decks?
Analyze Build Critique. Analyze! Search and find what you like, what you dont. What you own, what you need. What is the strongest and best strategies in the game. Use our powerful search engine to find your perfect card based on name, text, team, release, or any combination of the above. Build! Use our intuative deck builder to drag-and-drop your deck to share with the world or save it for later. Critique! Leave comments, reviews, and rank existing decks to help the best rise to the top.
If I already have an account, can I link it to a third party login service (Google, Facebook, Microsoft)?
Yes! Click your name in the top right of the page when you are logged in. This will allow you to manage your account. At the bottom of that management section, there is a link to manage External Logins. Click the button of the service you would like to associate with your account, log in, and they are linked. You can also use this to remove an association if you no longer want them linked.